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I'm trying to connect to mysql using the personal webpage on Mac OSX. However, I keep having issues when i do the command...


It says my computer name is spiderman, and that local networks can access it at spiderman.local

My ip address is along the lines of

I have PHP, MySQL, and Apache enabled on my Mac. When I try the sql command from a php file, it keeps saying

Could not connect. Host '' is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

For the arguments for the mysql_connect function, I've tried using my ip address, spiderman.local and none of them work. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

The error comes from my line of code

mysql_connect($this->host,$this->username,$this->password) or die("Could not connect. " . mysql_error());

There is no set username or password created so I don't think they matter.

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Some mysql installation accept by default only connections from '' or 'localhost'.

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