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My xenserver crashed a few months ago, I haven't been able to retrieve the VMs that were on it.

There was nothing special about the installation, I think it was all standard.

Is there a way to recover the VMs on it? It won't start up. I have tried searching for them on the hard-drive but I haven't managed to find anything. Does anyone know the location where they are stored on the hard-drive?

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find / -iname "*vmname*" is your friend. – mailq Oct 30 '11 at 21:56
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Your first stop should be reading Citrix's How to Export a Virtual Machine to an External USB Drive.

It will be best to try and recover the DomU's using the procedures linked - by booting the Dom0 and using xe to export the domU:

# xe vm-list
# xe vm-export vm=myVM filename=myVM-export.xva

If your dom0 is smoking wreckage this gets substantially harder. I don't think you can boot a LiveCD and scrape the VMs off the disks - at the very least we need to know what kind of storage you are using. You could try doing something like re-installing XenServer while leaving the VMs intact (How to Reinstall XenServer and Preserve Virtual Machines on a Local Disk).

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VM hard drives are stored in /var/run/sr-mount/ will contain folders containing your local/remote repositories. Each folder has name = UUID of the storage repository Unfortunately, this won't help you restoring your VMs, as you need backups for restoring them. Use xe vm-export ... command from the comment #1.

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