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We have a REST API in our application, however we do not wish to put the server which provides this API in a web-accessible location.

I would like to install something in a web-accessible server which would forward the calls to my server. Ideally it would have a configuration to only forward GETs, or to forward everything.

Does such a thing exist or will I have to roll out my own?

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The term that you're looking for is "reverse proxy" - it doesn't need to be specifically built to handle a REST API, just normal HTTP connections (with the method filter that you mentioned).

Apache or nginx should fit your needs well.

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What you're looking for is generally called a proxy or a reverse proxy. Some common ones are:

Filtering everything but GET requests can be done with special rules on each of those. I imagine IIS could be setup as a reverse proxy as well, but I'm not familiar enough with IIS to know.

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