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I want to build a reverse-proxy setup for static files using Apache and Nginx. I want to use it for Plesk. Normally, Plesk gets the bandwidth information from the Apache logs. Is it possible to calculate the used bandwidth with a reverse-proxy setup?

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Well, i think the best way is creating nginx logs with the same log_format in the same file location per virtual host and disable apache access log per virtual host (or store it to another file. I believe it can be set by editing vhost.conf file).

More simply - you can make some wrapper script, which would be move standart apache access_log file for example to access_log.1 and nginx_access_log file to access_log before plesk statistics script execution.

Base idea - nginx already have all traffic information and this information must be stored in default location (vhosts access_log) by the same log format.

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That's what I call a practical solution! Thank you very much. – Davey Nov 2 '11 at 21:24

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