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I'm trying to install php 5.3.x on Suse/linux platform, but whenever I install and check it with phpinfo(); it shows php 5.2.

Any idea how to deal with it? please provide the detailed instructions. Thanks

BTW: I'm using Amazon EC2 with SUSE as its operating system image.

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The latest version of SUSE should have PHP 5.3 by default, however maybe you're running an older version?

If so, you'd probably be best off compiling from source. Get the download from here and follow the instructions on how to compile and install.

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It's possible that 5.2 was installed by default, and your 5.3 was installed to a different location. Check the install location of your 5.3 version, and make sure that's the default that Apache's using.

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See here for a complete upgrade path:

I just tested this on a SuSE 11 SP1 and it seems to work.

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