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When using CREATE DATABASE TEMPLATE in PostgreSQL, will the target database preserve the statistics from the source database?

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Yes, it's a straight file-level copy of the template database, so whatever was in there will be in the new database.

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Hmm, I cloned a database that had a vacuum/autovacuum listed in pg_stat_user_tables for example, but the cloned database did not (using "create database new template old;"). It seems the statistics did not get copied, I wrong? – wojo Feb 22 '12 at 18:17
The pg_stat_* tables are not actually tables but views that access information in shared memory. So the information there is not affected by the copying of the template database. – Peter Eisentraut Feb 22 '12 at 21:15

I do not believe so -- You will get a copy of the tables/triggers/etc., but they will have new OIDs, and the statistics will need to be regenerated.

It's possible that the statistics will be populated for you (equivalent of doing an ANALYZE on the new DB) - I haven't investigated that though, and if it's not the case you can speed up the process by doing it manually.

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