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I want to monitor a java process on a windows machine with nagios. On the windows server with process explorer I can see that the java process is started with "java -jar myApp.jar" in the command line. I've installed the NSClient++ and want to use the CheckProcState plugin.

check_nrpe -H -p 5666 -c CheckProcState -a cmdLine ShowAll  "java.exe"=started

gives me

OK: java.exe: 1|'java.exe'=1;0;0

but if I also want to check the command line

check_nrpe -H -p 5666 -c CheckProcState -a cmdLine ShowAll  "java.exe java -jar myApp.jar"=started

I get:

CRITICAL: java.exe java -jar myApp.jar: stopped (critical)|'java.exe ja'=0;0;0

How can I check the command line correctly with the CheckProcState plugin?

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It looks like a bug. I have tried with the latest version:

$ check_nrpe -H IP -p 5666 -c checkVersion 2011-08-16

check_nrpe -H IP -p 5666 -c checkProcState -a match=substr cmdLine ShowAll=long "gmond.conf"
CRITICAL: gmond.conf: stopped (critical)|'gmond.conf'=0;0;0

check_nrpe -H IP -p 5666 -c checkProcState -a match=regexp cmdLine ShowAll=long ".*gmond.exe.*gmond.conf.*"
CRITICAL: .*gmond.exe.*gmond.conf.*: stopped (critical)|'.*gmond.exe.*gmond.conf.*'=0;0;0

Both match=substr and match=regexp are return to CRITICAL, it seems that the cmdLine option is not working.

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Do you know if there is another plugin that works with command line? – markus Nov 3 '11 at 13:02

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