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I have a new Fortinet firewall (310B)

Internal IP is External IP #1 is (secondary 211-222) External IP #2 is

Internal IP is the default gateway. External is our primary internet connection and used to host our website, blog, and mail site. External-VIPs are setup so that connections coming into resolve to, come in on the external 1 interface and translate to and respond (works as intended).

Internal Clients have internal DNS configured so that they resolve directly to and respond (works as intended).

The problem is I have an MSM controller on our network at that tunnels wireless clients (guest internet). They all get addresses of 192.168.x.x and are unable to access any internal IP addresses. They go out to the internet throught the External Interface #2 ( and have external DNS configured.

They resolve to also but of course the fortinet does not respond.

Is there a way to get the Fortinet to answer these requests and send it inside the network to like external clients do?

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It is hard to tell by just looking at your post and not the actual device itself but it sounds a little bit like you have a NATed policy from [192 client interface] > WAN but are missing a NATed policy from [192 client interface] to INTERNAL.

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