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I have a python(fabric) script running on a centos 6 box that parses configuration files and daemonizes MRTG process and dumps rrd files a folder in a shared file system. All goes well but midway to the process I get the error [image attached below].

Command issued , fab -f /path/to/my/ $functionName

It parses around 260 configuration files and dumps the rrds for the same. I am out of ideas as what might have caused this and am still searching for solutions. I disabled ksm/ksmtuned (just a hit) but that did not solve it.



I installed same OS with same kernel, same scripts and same python version, everything identical ... on a different server, which is comparatively newer than the one earlier, and so far haven't experienced any issues, its been a couple of hours now. So it puts out the server/software being a reason for the error so far, probably its the hardware!! Will try upgrading the BIOS on the older one as a few links online suggested having similar issues with older version of BIOS when running disk-intensive processes. Would update my findings.

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It seems one of the memory module installed was the issue. Changing it seems to have solved the problem.

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In future when you have weird core dumps or GPF's , always take the server down and run a memtest from the grub menu.

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tks :) will take that in account. – Gaumire Nov 8 '11 at 4:31

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