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I have just purchased a new tape drive that is not a library system. (Long story) It is a LTO4 and we would like to back up 2 days on one tape. Is this possible? The new system we ordered will not allow us to add our older tape drive without massive costs.

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LTO4 is rated at 800GB per cartridge.

You can get a rough approximation of your backup size by checking the ASP used with the WRKSYSSTS command:

System ASP . . . . . . . :     1515 G
% system ASP used  . . . :    79.9265

The machine I pulled that information from performs a full backup nightly to LTO4.

Whatever backup method you use be sure to specify ENDOPT(*LEAVE). When you are ready to eject the tape just use the CHKTAP DEV(...) ENDOPT(*UNLOAD) command.

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Yes, either run two different CL programs to run your backups or somehow determine which day you don't want to eject the tape. At least that is how I understand it. I usually just do one tape per day anyway.

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