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I have XAMPP installed on my mac, and I want to make command line PHP use the same executable as XAMPP since I've customized that php's php.ini file.

The php binary I want is located at:


A quick check of where my CLI php is coming from says:

Casey-Flynns-MacBook-Air:~ casey$ whereis php

I've tried adding the following line to my ~/.bash_profile:

export PATH=/Applications/XAMPP//xamppfiles/bin/:$PATH

And a quick test of my $PATH global says its:

    Casey-Flynns-MacBook-Air:~ casey$ echo $PATH

But still when I execute 'php' from my command line it uses the binary I don't want. Anyone know what might be going on?

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See man whereis:

The path searched is the string returned by the sysctl(8) utility for the ``user.cs_path'' string.

Which is on my Mac OS X:
$ sysctl user.cs_path
user.cs_path = /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

Rather use which to verify what your shell would use:
$ echo $PATH
$ which php

Still I think it's not nice to have two programs with the same name in your $PATH, but I see no better solution (I don't think you can get rid of the preinstalled php and removing /usr/bin from PATH is also not really good...).

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