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I have about 300 Dell machines (Optiplex, Latitude, Precision) that I need to enable PXE on. I'm hoping to avoid going to each and every single one.

Is there a way to remotely push the command out to turn PXE on in the BIOS?

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Use Dell OMCI. With it you can script changes to the BIOS.

Dell™ OpenManage™ Client Instrumentation (OMCI) is available on Dell OptiPlex™, Dell Precision™, and Dell Latitude™ client systems. Using OMCI, system administrators can remotely manage assets, monitor system health, and inventory deployed systems in the enterprise.

OMCI interfaces with leading enterprise management consoles that support industry standards. This approach helps to ensure that Dell systems can be managed by a broad array of existing enterprise management tools. OMCI also interfaces with Dell OpenManage products such as IT Assistant and OpenManage Client Connector. Finally, tight integration with Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) allows customers to take advantage of the rich scripting capabilities for collecting information and customizing system settings. OMCI is provided at no additional charge to Dell customers.

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