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Does nginx go to the next host in upstream block, if previous host not available or doesn't exist?

upstream cache_cluster {;     //something on this port;   //memcached instance on this port

location  {
 //..some code here
 memcached_pass cache_cluster;
 error_page 404 502 504 =  @something;
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upstream only provide a list of servers, and some kind of weight. To tell Nginx what to do if one of the servers fail, you need to control this with memcached_next_upstream.

From the Nginx-documentation:


syntax: memcached_next_upstream [ error | timeout | invalid_response | not_found | off ]

default: error timeout

context: http, server, location

Which failure conditions should cause the request to be forwarded to another upstream server? Applies only when the value in memcached_pass is an upstream with two or more servers.

As stated in the documentation, the default behaviour is error / timeout, which should be sufficient in most cases.

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