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I have a ruby on rails 3 app running on my local machine, and I'd like to deploy it onto a cPanel shared server now, where I have shell access. I know mongrel isn't supported as of now on cPanel, but I believe there are other solutions such as unicorn and passenger. Unfortunately, I don't know enough on how to judge which one is right, and I'm not even sure whether I can use unicorn / passenger to deploy my app given my server environment.

Could someone give me some guidance on which one to pick (or alternatives) and how to use them?

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from my experience some hosters enable rails support on their cpanel servers ie screenshot from one of my shared hosting account enter image description here

also there is some documentation how to use that feature http://docs.cpanel.net/twiki/bin/view/AllDocumentation/RubyonRails/DeployingRuby#Creating%20a%20Ruby%20on%20Rails%20Applica

so all you need is clarify with your hosting company if they support rails on cpanel server and follow the instruction provided by cpanel

found how to setup passenger instead of mongel but you will need to contact with your hosting provider http://www.cpanel.net/blog/cpanel-whm-admins/2011/07/installing-mod-rails-and-rails-309-on-a-cpanel-machine.html

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I think this only applies to rails 2.x.x, not 3, since cPanel does not officially support rails 3 yet. –  Ankit Soni Nov 7 '11 at 14:54

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