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1.can anyone point out what might be wrong with my domain? I am using ubuntu server 11.4 with webmin.


2.Is it better to use services like zoneedit for one domain?

3.My current dns settings

$ttl 38400
blackflow.info. IN  SOA ns1.blackflow.info. pomoc.blackflow.pl. (
            38400 )
blackflow.info. IN  NS  ns1.blackflow.info.
blackflow.info. IN  A
www.blackflow.info. IN  CNAME   blackflow.info.
ns1.blackflow.info. IN  A
ns2.blackflow.info. IN  A
ftp.blackflow.info. IN  A
mail.blackflow.info.    IN  A
blackflow.info. IN  NS  ns2.blackflow.info.
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Are you hosting this yourself? The biggest problem I see is that you're missing an SOA record for this domain. That tells us what servers are authoritative for your domain. I think the other data given back by intoDNS is somewhat bogus. It looks like the .info TLD entered some dummy values after you registered or something.

I would start with ensuring you have a properly formatted SOA record. Here's a link I found doing a quick google search that explains it. If you spend more time searching you'll probably be able to find a better tutorial, but this is a good start.


As far as ZoneEdit goes, I typically just use the DNS services provided by my hosting provider. (In this case Dreamhost) Unless you have very specific needs (or an educational desire) I would definitely let a service provider handle it for you.

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Yes I am trying. I've redirected my domain for ns1 and ns2 blackflow.info with my ip address, from my domain registry site to my server. I think SOA is properly formatted from what I've seen. Servers authoritative said that the server cant be reached. –  user99391 Nov 8 '11 at 14:13
I don't know what you've changed, but things look better/different now. You have an SOA record being reported, but it's not your DNS servers. –  Jeffery Smith Nov 8 '11 at 16:23
It doesn't appear your listening on the DNS port (UDP 53). Is the IP address you gave the IP of consumer grade router? Is that router doing port forwarding? If not that would explain why it's coming back as not responding. The port appears to be filtered from y viewpoint. –  Jeffery Smith Nov 8 '11 at 16:34

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