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I got a strange problem with the network connection of a Centos 6 server: From LAN everything works as expected (SSH, httpd) but outside connections fail if the server has been idle for a few minutes. After sending a ping from another computer over lan, outside connections work as long as the server isn't idle. Some minutes later the server stops responding again.

The router configuration/port forwarding should be ok (connecting to a nas in the same network never failed) and over lan there haven't been any problems.

Does anyone know what i could have missed in the configuration that causes this behaviour?

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Check the connectivity between your server and its default gateway:

  • do you see the MAC of the server in the gateway's ARP table? Is it the correct MAC?
  • do you see the MAC of the gateway in the servers' ARP table? Is it the correct MAC?
  • are other hosts experiencing the same issues?
  • does a "clear arp-cache" or similar on the default gateway temporarily solves the issue?
  • if the default gateway is a Cisco router, is CEF functioning as expected (if enabled)?
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I checked the MACs and cleared the arp cache, but no change so far... – Ruu Nov 8 '11 at 17:32
i also didn't find any similar issues on other hosts – Ruu Nov 8 '11 at 17:34

Probably there's a network element which drops idle connections when you connect from outside. You can work around this by adding keep alive to your ssh_config:

ClientAliveInterval 300
ClientAliveCountMax 1000
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