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I want to migrate one amazon ec2 instance from us east to us west using ams command line tools.

I have set up the environment and command-line tools on my Mac (my local computer). I am not sure about what will actually happen when I run "ec2-bundle-vol" command. Here is my question:

if I run the following command

ec2-bundle-vol -d /mnt -k $EC2_PRIVATE_KEY -c $EC2_CERT -u xxxx-xxxx-xxxx -r i386 -p ourAMI

Is the bundled AMI named by ourAMI,which is created by command above, saved on my local computer, under folder /mnt? or it is saved on running ec2 instance under folder /mnt?

The bundled AMI created by this command can be really big, up to 10 G. I just want to make sure that running the command above will not affect my running ec2 instance.


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The ec2-bundle-vol command must be run on the instance itself and the bundle will be saved to the file system there. –  Eric Hammond Nov 8 '11 at 23:29
Are you running an instance-store AMI or an EBS boot AMI? –  Eric Hammond Nov 8 '11 at 23:30

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