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The supervisord documentation states that

No shell is executed by supervisord when it runs a subprocess, so environment variables such as USER, PATH, HOME, SHELL, LOGNAME, etc. are not changed from their defaults or otherwise reassigned. (...) If you need to set environment variables for a particular program that might otherwise be set by a shell invocation for a particular user, you must do it explicitly within the environment= program config option.

The include an example, which I reproduced into /etc/supervisor/conf.d/apache2.conf:

command=/home/chrism/bin/httpd -c "ErrorLog /dev/stdout" -DFOREGROUND


# supervisorctl reread
ERROR: CANT_REREAD: Unexpected end of key/value pairs

Removing the 'environment' line of the apache2 configuration results in no parse errors for the re-read. What's dotty here? I'm using supervisor 3.0a8-1 on Debian Squeeze and note that the mainline supervisor is 3.0a10; I cannot find reference of environment has having been added since 3.0a8

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says "Values containing non-alphanumeric characters should be placed in quotes"

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