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I'm trying to match these file names with the find command:


I'm reasonable familiar with Java-Perl regex syntax. Unfortunately, find only supports emacs and posix syntax.

Even after looking at the emacs syntax I cannot get a basic match to work.

find . -regex "^[[:digit:]]+" -- matches nothing
find . -regex "^[[:digit:]]+.*(ALPHA\|BETA)\.jar" -- matches nothing

This is pretty straightforward in Java and Perl, for example:

ls | grep -P "^\d+.*(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar"


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I added an grep using Perl regex as an example of what I want. – KaizenSoze Nov 9 '11 at 16:53
I can only give one correct answer, though everyone was correct. Thanks. – KaizenSoze Nov 9 '11 at 18:24
For your amusement the complete command:find . -regextype posix-awk -regex ".*/[0-9\-]+CR[0-9]+-R[0-9]+-(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar" ! ( -name *689305* ) -exec java -jar {} --describe \; | grep "^CR" | sort | uniq – KaizenSoze Nov 9 '11 at 18:24
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a regex for matching those files with either posix-awk or posix-extended regxtype would be:

find . -regextype posix-awk -regex ".*/[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+-[A-Z0-9]+-[A-Z0-9]+-(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar"

because find -regex does matches, not searches

you can specify regex type with -regextype. see the manpage of your find implementation to check what regex engines are supported.

sample (get the files no matter the dir depth):

root@smgw:/tmp# ls -1
root@smgw:/tmp# find . -regextype posix-awk -regex ".*/[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+-[A-Z0-9]+-[A-Z0-9]+-(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar"

move the jars around, make sure they're still returned

search them with an abs path

root@smgw:/tmp# find /tmp  -regextype posix-awk -regex ".*/[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+-[A-Z0-9]+-[A-Z0-9]+-(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar"

modified depth:

root@smgw:/tmp# mkdir -p x/y/z
root@smgw:/tmp# cp *^C
root@smgw:/tmp# mv *.jar x/y/z/
root@smgw:/tmp# find /tmp  -regextype posix-awk -regex ".*/[[:digit:]]+-[[:digit:]]+-[A-Z0-9]+-[A-Z0-9]+-(ALPHA|BETA)\.jar"
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A regex using emacs style to match your pattern could be:


Below is a simple test I've made:

abarbosa@SPF-157:~/Temp/test$ ls -1
abarbosa@SPF-157:~/Temp/test$ find . -regex ".*/[0-9]+-[0-9]+-[0-9A-Z]+-[0-9A-Z]+-\(ALPHA\|BETA\)\.jar$"
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According to the man find, this is a match on the whole path, not a search. So, you must use something like this:

$ find . -regex .*/[0-9]+.*\.jar

You can also change the regular expression type to posix-awk, posix-basic, posix-extended, ... with the -regextype option.

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That regex gives me jars that don't start with digits. Imagine there are dozens of jars in the directory, I only want to match the ones that start with 470 something. – KaizenSoze Nov 9 '11 at 16:50
Just insert a leading slash before the 470... Updated my answer. – quanta Nov 9 '11 at 16:52

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