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When I RDP into a Windows Server EC2 Instance I'd like to be able to use multiple monitors. It doesn't have to be RDP, but I want to be able to have multiple monitors, not a spanned display. I've tried: Checking: Use all my monitors for the remote session mstsc.exe /multimon Adding "use multimon:i:1" in the RDP file Powerstrip install on the EC2 instance

Any way to do this?

EDIT: more information I'm trying to RDP from a Windows 7 machine into a Windows Server 2008 R2 Base default Amazon EC2 instance.

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What is your client OS? You have Windows 7, and the RDP 7 client right? See:… – Zoredache Nov 10 '11 at 1:38
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It sounds like your client configuration is correct. Try checking the configuration on the server

C:\> tsconfig.msc

In the remote desktop session host configuration, right-click the connection (RDP-tcp) to get properties, then check under Clients Settings to see whether "limit maximum umber of monitors per session" has been changed from the default of 4.

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