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I have a VPS at Linode, and I'm trying to boot Gentoo's hardened kernel - which is patched with Grsecurity and PaX.

On Linode, you can boot a kernel of your choice by utilizing their "PV-Grub" kernel; and I have done so successfully a dozen times with Gentoo's stock kernel (e.g. gentoo-sources).

I've carefully documented my process, and I perfectly replicated it. But now that I'm using the hardened kernel, this (inexplicable thing) happens:

phase one phase two phase three

I'm at a loss here. I don't know what could be causing this. As Linode's support team puts it:

" ... while we do give customers the ability to boot into their own custom kernel this is an entirely unsupported configuration and we are unable to provide any configuration assistance or guidance for custom kernel configurations."

I'm hoping someone more versed in Xen than myself can offer some guidance.

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