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I want to ask minimum requirements for server (especialy for upload and download audio). realy I'm very newbie in this field. I don't know what affects the fast / slow of traffic data..

I have tried using standard web hosting.. for 4 Mb data, I need 4 minutes to upload. it's about 3 minutes duration of audio file (.mp3).

now, we want to buy a server where it will be colocation to ISP in my country, but I don't know the minium requirements for the server.

I am glad if there is someone who gives some advice or explanation about minimum spec requirements, server architecture, infrastructure, bandwidth optimation, etc.

for your information:

  1. the web server will be used for upload & download audio file (mp3) purposes only.
  2. our user target is only from indonesia
  3. we estimate about 100 users per day who access our server (can be in the same time or not)
  4. an audio file size can be 10Mb-20Mb or more (not less) for one file per one time upload or download (not splited to several file)
  5. I dont have any idea for server spec and infrastructure, architecture, bandwidth or network knowledge

many thanks

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The required specs are really low. Propably the cheapest you can get. Try getting a dedicated server, not VPS, with dual HDD as raid-1 and preferably core2 or better processor. This would cost <- $50/month in Europe or U.S.

Rent a dedicated server and choose a provider which can list a few options where you can choose one. Then they will have the same hardware if yours break. Avoid specifying any hardware for them to order. For same reason avoid any 12month+ agreements.

Get space for server backups at e.g. your office.

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