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RabbitVCS PMT / BUG # option not available with fedora on commit ? But we are able to do the same on Windows with tortoiseSVN 1.6.6.

Version details :

Subversion - 1.6.17.
Pysvn -
ConfigObj - 4.7.2

OS Version : Fedora 15

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The same feature is working with subeclipse plugin in Eclipse-indigo and Fedora15. For This I done the following

From Eclipse ,Right clicked the imported svn project Select Team --> Set Property Name : bugtraq:message Value : %BUGID% and save this property

Select Team --> Set Property Name : bugtraq:label Value: PMT/BUG# and save this property also

select Team--> Show Properties And found the above added properties are listed

Then try to commit a file It shows the space to enter PMT/BUG along with message.

But the same thing I tried with Rabbitvcs it is not working.

Can anybody help me to work the feature to enter PMT/BUG# along with commit details in RabbitVcs.

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Thanks for the response, But it makes more resource intensive and makes the Eclipse slow ! . So do there any solution with RabbitVCS ? – Aha Nov 15 '11 at 7:11

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