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We're running CA ARCserve Backup r12.5 (Build 5854) - Small Business Server Edition on our Small Business Server 2008. There is a daily job which saves the systemdrive, exchange and 3 databases to our backup storage.

It seems like this daily job creates these additional jobs every time it runs. I don't know why it's doing this. Can anybody tell me why this is happening?

(I'm sorry this screenshot is in german... "Ergänzungsjob" means something like "extensionjob" or "additionjob")

the original job and a few of the additional jobs

Forgot to tell you:
This job is configured to do a full backup. There is no rotation configured.

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These appear to be Makeup jobs. These indicate that your backup has not been successful. You need to look at the logs to find out why the Sichern Mo-Fr job is failing.

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