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I have a small mailing php script and I would like to extend it with attachment function (we have a DB for our staff to get contact with them). As far as I understand I need a /tmp folder to be able to upload the attached file - but I need a write permission which would make my site weaker.


  • How can I be sure that only the user uploads the given fileformat (without SSL)?
  • Is there any way to make sure noone else would execute a file or upload anything that is malicious?
  • do I need to delete the file after upload or it will be deleted - generally?

I work on a shared host...

Any help would be appreciated.


ps code is in PHP mail function swift mailer. - apologise for my English and the dummy question:)

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What is your question? Upload, use, delete. Where is the security issue? – mailq Nov 14 '11 at 13:37
hi, thanks I added my questions as well:) – Andras Sebestyen Nov 14 '11 at 13:51
  • Check it. file may be you (first) friend.
  • Authentication is the key. How should someone execute a file when it hasn't got the execution bit set? And not the file mode to even see the file?
  • Depends on how you implement the upload. But what would be so hard to do a delete(file) anyway?
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