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I'm running an OSX (Snow Leopard) Server with OpenDirectory, which is nothing else than a modified OpenLDAP with some Apple-specific schemas. However, I want to reuse this directory on some of my Linux (Debian Squeeze) boxes.

It's no problem to authenticate against OSXs LDAP Server, this works fine already. What I struggle with is the way the home folders are specified in OSX. If I query the passwd config on one of my linux machines, the OSX imported entries are looking like this

myaccount:x:1034:1026:Firstname Lastname:/Network/Servers/hostname.example.com/Volumes/MyShare/Users/myaccount:/bin/bash

While those network home folders might be fine for OSX-Clients, I don't want those server based paths on my linux machines. I saw that there is an NFSHomeDirectory Attribute in the OSX User inspector, but if I change this the whole user home path gets changed. Since my users should be able to login on both systems, OSX and Linux, this is not what I want.

Does anyone have an idea how I must configure OSX to make my linux machines use home folders like /net/myaccount and leave the configuration for OSX clients untouched?

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serverfault.com/questions/67803/ubuntu-ldap-make-home-directory looks promising. Either you'll have to add a new attribute for each user or use mount tricks. –  Mark Wagner Nov 15 '11 at 9:03
ahh, did not find that one. Indeed it looks like this one could fit my needs. –  Steffen Nov 15 '11 at 10:49

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