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I have an XP machine with two network interfaces. One is connected to my company's network (and the Internet). The other is a very local network which connects some hardware with my PC. Both the hardware and my XP machine's second network interface obtain configuration from a dhcpd running on Ubuntu in a virtual machine on my XP machine.

I entered some dummy gateway in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf like which does not match any existing device just to get dhcpd started. The problem is that my XP machine now tries to route Internet traffic through in most of the cases which, of course, results in an error.

Is there any way to set up dhcpd in a way that the clients know that there is no gateway in this network?

By the way: setting the gateway manually in XP is off the table because this needs administrator privileges which I don't have.

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Comment out "option routers XX.XX.XX.XX" in your dhcpd.conf. Check the dhcpd.conf man page grouping of hosts so you can do this selectively.

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