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I've just created a small web-based company. We're planning on using a cloud hosting solution, but don't have the current resources to properly setup and manage the server.

As a new company, are there more benefits to bringing someone on-board as part of the organization to manage the server, versus going with a third-party management company? Such as a greater degree of 'ownership' and involvement?

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That totally depends.

are there more benefits to bringing someone on-board as part of the organization to manage the server, versus going with a third-party management company?

What do you ask - you shoukd now.

A lot depends on volume.

managing 1 web server? How you expect to earn the meony to pay a pro admin for 1 hour per day? Hm... likely not, so yuo ge a crappy person.

OR: you huire an external company and get a slice of a company + people avaialble in the middle of the night.

It is a matter of how much work you have (we don't know) and what certani other elements come into the game strategically (which we also dont know).

If you are a small web based company... what does it mean? No information given. Voting to close.

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Well, it's a good start when you recognize you don't have the resources to do what you want to do and are looking for a way to acquire them :-)
The question you are asking is one that only you can answer: It is very much dependent on what your company is going to do and how much engineering/admin work you're going to have to do. To summarize briefly at a very high level:

The benefits of having someone in-house are that you have someone in-house: When a question comes up you can immediately go and ask someone who (assuming you didn't cheap out on your hiring) knows what they are doing. If you leverage an in-house admin's experience before you make architecture or engineering choices you can often avoid making costly mistakes that are expedient in the short run but hugely expensive over time.

You can get many of the same benefits from hiring a consultant or a third-party management company, but you will be paying for their time (the primary advantage being that they will probably have a wider range of expertise and resources than any single admin a small company can afford to hire, the primary disadvantage being you can't just knock on their office door - you'll have to schedule appointments and be subject to their timetable).

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