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I set up a new hire in our domain in exchange. When he arrived yesterday I discovered his name had been mispelled. I deleted his account and created a new account with proper spelling. The problem now is his old email address is being being suggested whenever anyone types in his first name. Users email the bad address get a bounce and create more help desk tickets. Is there a way to update exchange or purge the bad account?

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It sounds like the name is in the client nickname cache. Have the users delete that entry from the nickname cache and that should take care of it.

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If it's being suggested by Outlook and as they type the name then the non-existent user pops up then that is a cache within Outlook. What they can do is use their arrow keys to highlight over the name and press the Delete key on the keyboard.

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You can create an alias with the incorrect account that delivers to the correct account so the initial emails won't bounce.

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