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I have a question regarding Windows Small Business Server 2011.

Yesterday, one of the computers in our domain was suddenly no longer able to connect to the Internet. It was still able to access all resources within the network. It turned out that the computer was infected with the Kryptik trojan. I have reinstalled using Windows recovery, and it seems like the trojan is gone.

The computer now has a new hostname, and it looks like this has been added to Active Directory when the computer was joined to the domain using an existing domain user account. However, the connection problem persists.

It seems like the virus was on the computer for a while, but the Internet access problem was not present until yesterday. One user on the network was attempting to use a static IP last Friday. Do you think this problem could be related to either of these?

I have also tried booting the client computer from a Ubuntu live CD. This did not help, the problem was the same. The only identifier that I can think of that would be available there is the MAC address. So I am thinking this is a problem on the server side?

I come from a Linux background and have more or less no experience with Windows Server. Also, I was not involved in setting up this particular server. Because of this it might be hard for me to provide more specific information, but I would be very happy to get any hints about where to look and what to look for.

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