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I recently installed Wireshark on a Win 7 host, but now it won't let me start the NPF service. I get:

C:\Windows\system32>net start npf
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

That's strange, because I am in the local admins group, and the SDDL string for the 'npf' service shows that the RP and WP permissions are allowed to the built-in administrator group.

C:\Windows\system32>net localgroup

Aliases for \\DOC

*Backup Operators
*Cryptographic Operators
*Distributed COM Users
*Event Log Readers
*Network Configuration Operators
*Offer Remote Assistance Helpers
*Performance Log Users
*Performance Monitor Users
*Power Users
*Remote Desktop Users
The command completed successfully.

C:\Windows\system32>sc sdshow npf


Clearly I am missing something, but what?

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WinPCap 4.1.2 I even un-installed and re-installed it. Then, as the same user, failed to start it using "net start npf". :-( McAfee is running on the machine, but isn't jumping up and down about stuff. – David Bullock Nov 16 '11 at 13:26
I even re-booted. Same problem. – David Bullock Nov 16 '11 at 14:01
Altough it might not be the solution you want, have you tried something like sc sdset (A;;CCDCLCSWRPWPDTLOCRSDRCWDWO;;;YOUR_USER_SID) assuming that it's not something silly like executing from the wrong user. EDIT: And check your GPO – user Nov 16 '11 at 14:15
I can try assigning direct to a user, although I didn't want to have to (like you suspected). Thanks for the link to the GPO info. 1am here ... a job for the morning, to be sure. (edited) – David Bullock Nov 16 '11 at 14:23
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It sounds like you're not running it from an elevated command prompt. From the GUI you can click Start > Type cmd > right click > Run As Administrator and try again.

From an unelevated command prompt you can do runas /user:domain\user cmd

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