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I'm developing a webmail UI, but I can't use Mailgun or my Gmail account, as I need public and shared namespaces.

I tried to install Dovecot, but it required tons of configuration.

Is there a server that is easy to configure and run? Or maybe an image I can drop into Virtualbox that has all the work already done?

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iRedMail is also very quick to configure.

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There is a VMware Virtual Appliance Marketplace containing ready-to-go virtual machines for many purposes. There is (for example) already a Zimbra VM. Other appliances are also there...

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Looks promising, but every time I see one that might work, I hit a login/trial page. Any specific one that looks good? – Pepijn Nov 16 '11 at 22:50

I have found iRedMail and this tutorial from Rackspace a very good combination to get mail up and running very quickly. It is a good solution if you need to set up a server so that you can send and receive email to and from your server, with multiple domain names/aliases, as well as having a lightweight web front-end to access mail. You can still use normal email clients to access your email as well.

The guide is very Ubuntu/Debian biased.

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Zimbra Open Source Edition is a quick solution for what you're asking. Also see the recommendations at:

Which is the easiest to configure MTA/POP3/IMAP solution?

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