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I'm looking to setup a tunnel using PuTTY on Windows.

Ideally I'd SSH directly from A->C, however, I can't from the network I'm on. I can, however connected from A->B->C.

C is running a vncserver, which I'd like to connect to from A.

How can I tunnel through SSH from A->B->C?

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You can use the ProxyCommand.

ssh -A -t ssh -A -t aoraki ssh -A tongariro

There's a good article on the topic on SSHMenu (which is for Linux).

You mentioned PuTTY and so here's something to read after the above article.

If you meant to ssh a specific port, you can always try something like this:

ssh -t -L 8042: 'ssh test@ -t -L 8042: 'ssh -L 8042: admin@
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If you want to connect from A (vnc client) to C (vnc server) you have to run the equivalent with putty of the following ssh command (on the host A):

 ssh -L

This command will make a tunnel from A to B and connect directly the tunnel to your host C.

Already on the host A, you just have to launch the vnc client to the loopback address localhost:5900

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