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When i run reskeymgmt.exe - to create a backup copy of the encryption key, it responses

"Are you sure want to extract the key from the Report Server? Yes (y)/ No (n)?"

I found this link which helps me to automate the execution of reskeymgmt commmand in windows xp and server 2003. The suggestion looks like:

rskeymgmt -e -f a:\backupkey\keys -p "password" < "C:\Yes.txt"

But when i move to windows server 2008, this tip won't work because the command prompts the confirmation in another console.

Does anyone knows a trick to fix this issue in windows server 2008?


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Per here,

You could try using a pipe:

echo Y | rskeymgmt [parameters]

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it doesn't work. A confirmation window still pop-ups –  linh dinh Aug 25 '11 at 9:21

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