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I am attempting to put WSGI (python) on a WAMP server (Apache 2.2.21, Python 2.7, WAMP 2.2a). Unfortunately, when i add just a simple directory directive and restart, Apache won't start. here is the code:

LoadModule wsgi_module modules/

<Directory “C:/wamp/www/python”>
#Options ExecCGI
#AddHandler wsgi-script .py
#Order allow,deny
#Allow from all

If I comment out the directory tags, like this:

LoadModule wsgi_module modules/

#<Directory “C:/wamp/www/python”>
#Options ExecCGI
#AddHandler wsgi-script .py
#Order allow,deny
#Allow from all

It starts. Why won't this work (it also doesn't work with everything uncommented)? I followed all of the directions on this tutorial. Other than the changes in the code snippets, I have changed nothing in httpd.conf, other than including the file that contains the code snippet. I did that with:

Include conf/extra/changes.conf

on the very last line.

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Don't write your configs in MS Word or Wordpad; your quotes are broken.


<Directory “C:/wamp/www/python”>


<Directory "C:/wamp/www/python">

There's also a space in your AddHandler filename, you'll want to fix that too in order to get the whole thing working.

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hmm... i wrote it in plain old notepad... that fixed it. TY. – invisible bob Nov 18 '11 at 22:22
@invisiblebob Oh, it's actually wrong in the tutorial that you linked - that would be the issue, not the text editor that you used. I guess the author made that mistake, instead! – Shane Madden Nov 18 '11 at 22:27

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