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1st time with Esxi 5.0, I have read the whitebox hcl and it states my box as compatible (Dell 960 Optiplex), I burnt Esxi install onto a cd and booted off it (without changing anything in bios) I only had a sata ssd connected, a usb flash 4gb (which i would have installed esxi on), It started loading fine and half way through it dumped a purple / pink screen with :

GP Exception 13 World 2157

This system have 5GB RAM (2x2GB and 1x1GB), Intel VT is active in bios,

Any suggestions or thoughts ? Will be grateful for your support Kind regards

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Joeqwerty and Chopper - I don't want to run ESX and virtualize Windows 7 for home use, It is a test box we have at work - so this this question relates to "ESX / ESXi Server" which will be used to virtualize "Servers" - The solution was to uncheck "LIMIT CPUID" value in BIOS - Thanks for closing this as per the faq :-) – rihatum Nov 20 '11 at 19:35
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Exception 13 is a general protection fault. Since it occurred during your first startup, you simply might be seeing broken hardware. Run a memtest on your system as a quick check. I also would try installing on the SSD instead of the USB flash to rule out possible problems with the USB controller or the flash device.

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Thanks Synection for your input - it was an issue (in my case) caused by the "LIMIT CPUID" value being CHECKED in BIOS. I unchecked it - all is well since then, ESX installed fine and supported everything inside Dell OptiPlex 960. Thanks so Much – rihatum Nov 20 '11 at 19:33

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