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I just installed PERL into my apache2 configuration so that I could use SimpleScripts, however SimpleScripts gave me the following errors:

[18 Nov 21:08] Upload success: vanillaforums-hk4jxv.tgz [+0.000s] Archive upload success. [+0.712s] Upload success: [+0.000s] Install utility successfully uploaded. [+3.602s] Failed uploading /var/www/v2/vault/tmp/1210569_mvRG_conf--config.php to "/" (after 2 tries) [+0.000s] Upload of local file /var/www/v2/vault/tmp/1210569_mvRG_conf--config.php to failed.

I am assuming that it is a permission related problem and that adding it to the same group as the owner would fix it, however I do not know how to add Perl to a group and can't find on Google how. Please, help or lead me on the right path

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I was always under the impression that the perl binary does not need to be part of any group, its the effective uid and gid that control execution. For example if I am not root and a perl script need to do something as root it will be denied because my uid (the one executing the script) is not equal to 0 which is root. Maybe I wrong but that was the way I understand it. Granted that may not apply to apache because I am not running a web server I do not know for sure. – ianc1215 Nov 19 '11 at 4:22
You are probably right, If i am correct apache usually runs as its own user or as part of a group. In my case I believe it is www-data and all scripts are owned by www-data but perl is still gives the error mentioned above. – Travis Pessetto Nov 19 '11 at 4:41

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