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I am trying to install bundler using the following command:

gem install bundler

but recieve this error:

ERROR:  could not find gem bundler locally or in a repository

Running command

gem list --local

shows me empty list and

gem sources

shows this:

I was trying to find the similar problem for an hour, but seems to me that I am not understanding some basic principles to make correct google search query.

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What Linux distribution are you using? How is Ruby packaged, is it a package from a distribution repo? Basically I recommend you to try RVM, it is a popular and a convenient way to manage Ruby setups in a distribution-agnostic way. I always use RVM and never have problems like this.

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Ruby was installed from ISPManager, linux is Debian 2.6.26-24 – Galichev Anton Nov 20 '11 at 10:41

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