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LSASS - Directory Services could not start - 0xc000006a

This is the error message I am getting after restoring an old registry backup. I read somewhere that this has to do with the backup being more than 180 days old, but how would I go about repairing this if I do not have a backup less than 180 days old?

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This is most probably on a domain controller right? the tombstone time has expired. Build the DC from scratch

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0xc000006a means the username or password is incorrect. Since this is a computer account, this usually means that the password is incorrect.

How to use Netdom.exe to reset machine account passwords of a Windows Server domain controller

FYI - restoring old domain controller backups can have several unwanted side effects. One is referred to as "lingering objects". This is when an object that was removed is re-introduced into the replica from a domain controller that did not receive the removal replication.

See the following for detailed information on dealing with lingering objects.

Server 2008 DC rejecting replication requests

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