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I am debugging a leak using poolmon.exe. I have 2 versions, one from xp install disk, one from a Win2003 kit. Some of the Microsoft documentation mentions options that my poolmon(s) do not support (/c /g I believe), I suspect that there are new versions of poolmon.exe. I need 32bit flavor. I am not a MSDN subscriber, I do not have access to Windows DDK nor WDK. I have Vista Ultimate SP1 DVD, but a quick search found no poolmon. I welcome any hints on whether there is a newer 32bit poolmon and on how to get it. TIA, Radim.

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This are the latest I was able to find at Microsoft. Not sure if they are the same that you have. I have MSDN, I will check and post back.

Addendum: Could not find anything else on MSDN. I only have access to OS/Applications, not the developer part.

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This is newer than mine, thank you! This is Server2003 SP2, I had SP1 or no SP. – Radim Cernej Jun 29 '09 at 15:42

The Windows 2003 SP1 DDK is available here: This should give you a 32 bit version.

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