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We have a Cisco switch which logs this each time it gets its IP via DHCP:

WARN DHCPCLIENT[DHCP Client Task]: dhcp_support.c(1018)  1451 %% Posix Timezone Information is not obtained  from the server.

How can we configure dhcpd (standard dhcpd running on RHEL 6.1) to hand out that info ? (This is seemingly not the option time-offset , as that's already set)

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Probably the switch expect options described in RFC 4833 “Timezone Options for DHCP”; most likely the option 100, TZ POSIX String. This option first needs to be defined in dhcpd.conf:

option tz-posix-string code 100 = string;

After the definition statement the option can be set just like a standard option known to dhcpd:

option tz-posix-string "EST5EDT4,M3.2.0/02:00,M11.1.0/02:00";
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We were having a similar issue with iLO, using the 101 code tzdb-string with "EST5EDT" worked for us. – davenpcj Jul 12 '13 at 23:13

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