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I am using a php form to send email. The script reports success, but the mail never arrives.

The tail of the mail log shows:

Nov 22 01:24:25 contra postfix/pickup[1195]: 0CC1B119A53: uid=100 from=<nginx>
Nov 22 01:24:25 contra postfix/cleanup[1320]: 0CC1B119A53: message-id=<>
Nov 22 01:24:25 contra postfix/qmgr[1196]: 0CC1B119A53: from=<nginx@myhostname.myhostname>, size=363, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

Just wondering where this from address is coming from and if thats why mails aren't arriving.

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The nginx@myhostname.myhostname comes from the fact that your nginx is running under the user account named nginx (userid 100) on your host myhostname.myhostname. So nothing special and just normal.

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