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I want to know if anybody have done any hands on test mounting NFS on windows xp using "Windows services for unix"

I know that it should work but I want to know if people have had any problem with it or can it reliably replace samba sharing?

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It works in the most technical of senses. Reliability is heavily dependent on consistent and simplistic use. If you just need a few XP clients to connect it will work. If you need to do anything complicated, especially involving user mapping or complicated access controls, it'll probably fail spectacularly.

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I have rather high bursts of IO, with tens of users each having their own set of permissions. What about the Win 7 support, is it the same? – Ali Nov 22 '11 at 5:06
Win7 support is miles better in terms of reliability, but user mapping and perms are generally similar. The perms problems come from Unix/NFS using much simpler ACEs than Windows. If you can live within the standard UGO/RWX, then you shouldn't have any problems. Side note: Win7 has NFS built in, but only in Enterprise and Ultimate versions; you can't add it on like XP. – Chris S Nov 22 '11 at 13:28

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