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I want to configure a redirection from example.com to www.example.com (since CNAME is not allowed for top-level domains). How can I do this in AWS Route 53 (or any other DNS provider, in general)?

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You can't.

Think about it, I'll try to explain with an example. This is what you want:

example.com                   CNAME                 www
www                           A           

All traffic going to example.com would be redirected to www.example.com. Mail and other subdomains would be impacted.

To solve your problem, what you could do is the following:

example.com                   A           
www                           A           

Then you could set up a vhost in apache (if you are using that. I'm sure most software has a capability like this) that redirects all traffic that hits on example.com to www.example.com.

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I'm using wwwizer.com for bare domain forwarding

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