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is the thttpd webserver project still alive? Should this sever be used for a new project? The latest release looks like it was in December of 03 and the mailing list archive stops in may of 08.

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You may have a better luck at lighttpd or cherokee. They are light & fast web servers, and they are also being actively developed.

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I could find no info that pointed to any active development in a long time, so I would not use it to start a new project.

My suggestion would be nginx, which is quite popular, light, fast and actively developed. Yes, the homepage doesn't look like much, but the product is currently used to serve or proxy about 3-4% of websites worldwide, making it more popular than lighttpd.

The main advantage of thttpd seems to be the output throttling. It's still unique in its implementation, but nginx has a module that comes close.

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+1 for nginx. thttpd is indead dead. – sucuri Jun 29 '09 at 18:00

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