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I'm trying to start heartbeat on Ubuntu 10.04 with service heartbeat start, but getting the following errors:

heartbeat[24829]: 2011/11/22_19:31:07 ERROR: Bad nodename in /etc/ha.d//haresources [node1]
heartbeat[24829]: 2011/11/22_19:31:07 ERROR: Configuration error, heartbeat not started.

On on server uname -n produces loadb1, on the second server uname -n produces loadb2. The two servers can ping each other okay with those names.

This is /etc/ha.d/ha.cnf on both servers:

debugfile /var/log/ha-debug
logfile /var/log/ha-log
logfacility     local0
keepalive 2
deadtime 10
udpport 694
bcast eth1
ucast eth0 my.external.ip
ucast eth0 my.external.ip
ucast eth1
ucast eth1
#udp     eth0
node    loadb1
node    loadb2
auto_failback off

And this is /etc/ha.d/haresources on both servers:

node1 IPaddr:: httpd smb dhcpd

Authkeys is also set up.

What am I doing wrong?

The part where I'm least clear is the ucast/bcast lines.

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Put loaddb1 into the haresources - not node1.

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Yup, that's it. D'oh! – Richard Nov 28 '11 at 10:14

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