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I'm trying to do some heartbeat debugging.

Is there a simple way to ask a machine whether it thinks it's part of a cluster, and whether it's the master or the slave?

I've tried

$ heartbeat -s

But it only seems to print a very basic status - running with process ID, or not running.

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Previously (i.e. v < 2.1.4) crm_mon was part of the heartbeat package and would do this. If you have Pacemaker installed, crm_mon -n should list each node in the cluster (and its current status) as well as identifying the master node. – cyberx86 Nov 22 '11 at 21:11
master and slave? There is normally one primary node and the other nodes (for each resource group). Do you run just one resource group in your cluster? – Nils Dec 26 '11 at 20:55

Are you using V1 or V2 syntax?

With V1 there is cl_status rscstatus which will return the Cluster`s Idea of resource distribution (none, local, all).

  • none: All resource groups are running on a different node
  • local: All resource groups that belong to this node run on this node
  • all: All resource groups run on this node

There are some other useful options for cl_status - just call it on the command line...

Also try /etc/init.d/heartbeat status

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As stated by @cyberx86, crm_mon shows the cluster status. If you want to use a graphical X11 application, hb_gui offers you that. hb_gui allows you to also control your cluster.

hbgui screenshot

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