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I want to adjust my failover poll timing. enter image description here

The proposed column is what I am wanting to set it up as.
I believe the following commands will obtain what I want from the first two rows but Im not sure how to adjust the remaining.

failover polltime unit msec 500 holdtime 2
failover polltime interface msec 400 holdtime 2
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Actually, your commands both fall outside of the "minimum" range allowed by ASA. If you see your table above it says 800, 500 but you have specified 500, 400. I do not think these will work, which is probably why you are having trouble.

As for the other settings, set them accordingly - failover polltime [setting] msec 2000 holdtime 10. Hold time must be >= 5 msec.

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I thought my commands would make the unit fail time 1 second and interface 800ms (polltime x hold time)? – evolvd Dec 29 '11 at 2:06

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