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Is there a way to forward a port based on subdomain?

wOk here is what I need to do:

Listen on various ports and route to LAN IP addresses based on url and port.

So I have a number of domain names assigned to the same IP address and I need to redirect based on url–

Server1.domain.com:5902 --> Server2.domain.com:5902 --> Server1.domain.com:23 --> Server2.domain.com:23 -->

I have an IIS server that does this kind of thing fine for http stuff but other ports are bupkis.

Can this be done sith squid or iptables or ????

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Err.. are you looking to do HTTP 30x responses for VNC and Telnet traffic? That would be less than successful. –  Shane Madden Nov 23 '11 at 1:21
This has been asked many times already: serverfault.com/questions/121112/hostname-based-port-forwarding or serverfault.com/questions/255055/… just to name two of them –  Mark Henderson Nov 23 '11 at 1:36

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The short answer is no. Only HTTP provides a reliable way to know the name of the host the client was trying to reach.

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