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I'm exploring the IPMI interface (using ipmitool on ubuntu 11.10, remotely over LAN) and can perform various operations however, I can't view the status message displayed on the LCD.

ipmitool supports delloem lcd subcommands. These subcommands unfortunately primarily only allow me to set data to the lcd, but I can't read from the lcd.

The message currently displayed on the LCD relates to the loss of power redundancy (Dell orange error). For testing purposes I manually removed the redundant power supply and have been trying to read the message.

Any suggestions?

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This may not get you the text off the LCD, but have you tried the chassis and power subcommands? It's been a while since I had Dell equipment, but I believe one of these has power supply status information.

Alternatively you can install the OpenManage SNMP agent and query this information (and a lot more) via SNMP without having to parse ipmitool's output yourself.

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They do provide power status information, however I am explicitly interested in what the LCD is showing. – Irfan Nov 25 '11 at 13:54

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